Zombie Fun Run

Kick off 11/1/18 – Run Date 11/16/18



We will hold 3 runs – One Zombie run per each grade level

  • 7th Grade will run at 8:30
  • 6th Grade will run at 10:00
  • 8th Grade will run at 2:10




School Goal is $25,000 that is less than $30 per student!



Every Student will be participating in this race. Each Runner will have 3 health points taped to their clothing. The goal of the runner is to make it through the Zombies for 30 minutes without losing health. Keep an eye out for Safe Zones and obstacle challenges where “doctors” can restore your health!



The top 5% earners of this fundraiser per grade will get to be the Zombies. The Zombies job is to chase the runners and try to steal their health flags. If the Zombie pulls a streamer, the runner loses a health point. The runner can try to make it to one of our Safe Zones or obstacles challenges where doctors will be on hand to add more health. Our doctors will be our amazing PE Staff and parent volunteers who will have students perform exercises or challenges to regain health points.



Students will be able to create a pledge web page attached to their Pride Class Team. Each Team’s Goal is to earn $50 pledges per student in that class. There are prizes for Individual goals as well as pride class prizes, build your own team prizes and even whole school wide prizes if we hit our goal! See how to set up your students Pledge Webpage below.


We always go BIG here at SMALL and this event is no exception. We are going to have some BIG FUN to raise some BIG FUNDS!!!


To Register – Registration opens on November 1, 2018

  1. Go to https://secure.eventsonline.us/reg/getmovincrew/parents
  2. Create an Account 
  3. Click the +Add Student Button
  4. Find Small Middle School in the Drop Down
  5. Find the PRIDE Class Team Name
  6. Enter Student’s Grade, Name and Goal (we are asking a minimum of $40 per student)
  7. Add a picture of your choosing
  8. Create a message to your friends and family to encourage them to pledge your student in this run.
  9. Save your Student profile
  10. Check your email to access your students Dashboard
  11. Once your Student Account has been made
    1. Go to thegetmovingcrew.org – or check the link in your email
    2. Log in to your parent account
    3. Click the View Webpage/Donate Here Button
    4. Share on Social Media and email


All Pledges can be done online through the student website. Once you make a page for your student, email, tweet, DM, and IM the page on Social Media for friends and Family to contribute.

Students may also accept Cash and Check pledges. Please have checks made out to Small Middle School. Place them in an envelope with Student and Pride Teacher’s name on it and drop it off in the main office before November 17th.

Where does the money go?


The money we earn will go directly into 4 different categories:
  • 40% Technology
  • 30% Student Enrichment
  • 15% Campus Improvements
  • 15% Activities